Certificación de actividades en la naturaleza


It was the first tourist hostel in Spain, and the only tourist accommodation in Galicia that has being certified with the environmental quality Eco label for tourist accommodation services since 2009. The company was created as a tourist lodge in 2000, but at the same time as an environmental education facility. It was intended to give an alternative use for an existing space, house and surrounding areas that were previously devoted to agricultural use. It has a restored house and a new building with bioclimatic characteristics. We look for rural tourism and group markets, offering environmental education activities, mainly to school groups.


About the destinations:

The activities we organize in the Fragas of Eume Natural Park do not need permission, unless they are developed in restricted areas. In our group trips, we always inform on the strict rules in relation to environmental conservation. In other less protected areas such as rivers, the forest that surrounded the establishment and coastal areas, our instructors also supervise the regulations for a responsible environmental use.

Support the Local Economy:

The company is part of the entrepreneurs ´association of Eume (Tureume), collaborates with the cooperative AGROALIMENTARIA OF EUME, with local environmental groups like ADEGA, associations and sports clubs as Firrete (canoeing), and other local associations and parish. Physical- sporting activities and transportation of people are locally hired. We buy 70% of our supplies at the local store.

Environmental Sustainability:

We try to use products (when available) such as toilet and office paper, cleaning products, that are certified with a quality label backed by the UE or other public institutions.

Active contribution to the Conservation:

The company collaborates with regional projects on land use with the College of Architects of Galicia (Terra Project for elementary and secondary students), ADEGA (Rivers Project on the conservation of the rivers of Galicia), and at a local level, with the Ethnographic Museum of A Capela and the Honey House in Goente (As Pontes).

(1)   Local regulations on conservation, (2)Proper behaviour in sensitive habitats, wildlife encounters, fragile and rare plants, (3) The right of public access in general, and specifically during the tour, (4) Rules for access to historical sites and / or scientific research areas, (5) Special considerations during the time of the visit (6) Respect for local population and industries.

Quality and Safety:

Cumplimos con los criterios requeridos para garantizar la seguridad de los participantes y del entorno


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