Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles
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    Xosé Luís Carrera Valin
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    Albá (Palas de Rei) Comarca da Ulloa 27207
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Family farm that produces home made cheese, yogurt and organic milk. It offers ecotourism activities in 5 traditionally buildings that were restored by using bio construction techniques, as multipurpose areas (workshops, meetings and talks).

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We produce yogurt, milk and organic cheese with designation of origin in our farm, as well as harvest vegetable and fruit products from our organic garden. We offer several quality and organic food in our store, where our guests can also find written information on local producers and farming activities in the region.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We pay special attention to cultural heritage, and promote the protection, preservation and restoration of regional ethno-anthropological heritage. Our houses were restored using the bio construction methods of old buildings, and local materials. We disseminate traditional Galician culture through the recuperation of ancestral traditions, handicraft workshops and promotion of endangered rural activities. We are active members in rural development, employing local youngsters, promoting a sustainable economy for the region, and enhancing endogenous resources.

Natural Resources:

Our facilities were built under the basic bio construction and bioclimatic principles. We use renewable energies; have solar thermic panels; photovoltaic panels; and a biomass system. We have a rainwater collection system; flow restrictors in all taps; only use cleaning products that respect the environment; and promote recycling and composting. All existing appliances are low energy consumption. We have available vast literature on ecology and lifestyles that respect natural resources, as well as we elaborated a manual of best practices for our visitors.

Environmental protection:

Our activities depend upon a balance relation between humans and nature. We organize walking and cycling tours, observation and identification of fauna and flora, environmental education activities for schools, children and adults in our organic farm. We collaborate with conservationist associations such as ADEGA, and other informal ones. We have a manual of good environmental practices.


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