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Cal Calsot is a rural house located in the Cerdanya, at the foot of Moixeró Natural Park. It is part of an agricultural and livestock property with twenty years of commitment with the local environment and culture. The house follows the typology of a typically Catalan House from the beginning of the XIX. It has been recently refurbished for its new use, conserving the cultural heritage meanwhile displaying it. It has 5 unsuited bedrooms with capacity for up to 12 people. Breakfast is included. Our kitchen products largely come from proximity and organic farms: we offer organic beef from our property; organic fruit from Lleida; seasonal vegetables from local kitchen gardens; eggs from nearby farms; and homemade local cheeses and jams.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We have a wild garden with aromatic and medicinal plants, and we do not use either pesticides or fertilizers. We offer local and handmade bread, cheeses and jams; organic fruits, vegetables, wine, oil and canned products; and get our supplies from Catalonia when it is possible. Pastries are home made, and we use organic and stone- grounded flours. We offer meat from our ecological farm, and produce our own soap from residual oil.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

The house has been refurnished for its new use, according to the original architecture and following the principles of sustainability. At Cal Calsot, we have committed that most materials of the house were natural, organic or locally made: lime; vegetable oils for wood treatment; mineral paints; cork for insulation; wooden beds and futons made of cotton and latex (handmade in Abrera); linen sheets and towels made in Manresa; ecological woollen blankets made by one of the few remaining artisan workshops in Terrassa, that also have a social project to support people with disabilities; and ceramic ware designed and baked in Bisbal d’Empordà. The house has a small library with information on the Route of the Cathars, Romanesque art, exhibitions and cultural activities, nature…

Natural Resources:

We promote the use of public transportation, walking, biking or horse- riding, and offer a discount to those customers who arrive by these means.
We make an effort to: – reduce energy consumption: low energy light bulbs, thermostats for lighting in halls, radiant underfloor heating for low consumption and sustainable management use. – Water savings: recuperation of rainwater for watering; dual tank toilet flush, do not have a swimming pool. – Waste management: we recycle all possible products; prioritize minimum packaging products; produce our own soap with residual oil, use ecological cleaning products. – Use of renewable energies: solar panels, and soon connection to biomass central power in town. – Try to promote values of sustainability through brochures, and talking to our guests.

Environmental protection:

At Cal Calsot we offer a list of ecotourism activities: guided tours to the Natural Park of Cadí to observe wildlife, self-guided walking trails, birdwatching, cycling tours, biciburro (donkey- bike), horse riding; educational visits to organic farms. We organize workshops on landscaping that are facilitated by Teresa Galí (Agricultural Engineering) in collaboration with Cal Foraster in Senant, Conca de Barberà.


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