Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


This rural campsite is situated on a cliff, only 2,5 km from the town of Luarca. Camping Tauran has full- equipped wooden cabins, campsite plots, and a free campsite area. There is a bar, a dining room, shop, a swimming- pool, an outdoor playground, sports pitch, a laundry, and a picnic area with barbacues. The tourism activity is complemented with a farm of native breed domestic animals, fruit trees, kitchen garden and a greenhouse.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

At the shop, you can find organic products, mostly canned and tinned, but also fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, and some of our own harvest. Some of our menus are elaborated with these products. You can buy organic certified wine and other drinks in our shop.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We have 5 restored “hórreos” (granaries on stone pillars) that are used to store working tools, and other items. Furthermore, some of our accommodation houses have been designed based on that type of traditional constructions. During summer, there are some sessions of folkloric music and rural games. We inform our guests about local festivities and parties.

Natural Resources:

We have an ecological vehicle to travel around the campsite, a photovoltaic solar central, solar pannels and storage batteries for heating the water, low consume light bulbs and water taps, selective rubbish bins, and biological depuration of grey waters.

Environmental protection:

Daily children activities are focused on environmental education and educational visits to the farm, where kids can learn about native breed animals, and sustainable agriculture. There are also interpretation signposts in certain points of the farm to display some environmental issues. At the reading room, our guests can find brochures and magazines about sustainability. We collaborate with diverse local, national and international organisations, and conservationist groups.


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