Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


An ancient farming property reconverted to an agrotourism establishment, fully ecological and according to the basic principles of permaculture, and environmental sustainable development. It uses renewable natural energies to its maximum. Agrotourism proposal and ecotourism in Ibiza (Balearic Islands).

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

There is an organic shop where a great variety of organically produced fresh products are for sale, i.e. fruits and vegetables according to the season, eggs, dried fruits, legumes and cereals. It also offers some specialities such as saffron (cultivated and dried in the property), home made jams, along with fair trade products and ecological wines.

Among our home made jams, we would like to highlight those made with madrone, strawberry, figs, wild berries, jumbo figs, sapota, wine and saffron. Only natural ingredients from the farm are used to make our jams, except from agar powder and sugar (max 25%). We always use fair trade non refined sugar (brown sugar) supplied by small cooperatives in Paraguay.

It is a large property that has 17 ha where vegetables such as green beans, tomatoes and potatoes are cultivated, as well as lemons, grapes, strawberries, saffron, almonds, olives, carobs and pistachios. Organic agriculture concepts are applied under the principles of permaculture, up to exceptional limits. The basis of all, it is the use of renewable natural energies.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Can Marti property was built in the XVII, and bought by the Brantschen family in 1994. Restoration was done following ecological principles, and maintained the old farming structure. First quality traditional materials, and local styles were used in its reconstruction. From the beginning of the XX the architecture of Ibiza, based on the Phoenician and Arabic cultures, have attracted many travellers. This native style from Ibiza is reflected on the architectonic cluster of Can Martí.

The personal styles that were developed by Josep Lluis Sert, Erwin Broner, Philippe Rotthier, Rolf Blakstad and Hans Uipkes have clearly influenced the architecture of Ibiza. The design of the appartment “Pino” in Can Martí is actually a work of Hans Uipkes.

Natural Resources:

Undoubtedly, it is the strongest point of this property. We take the principles of permaculture to unbelivable limits. We have solar pannels to our own consumption, and even to sell some power to the electric company that supplies energy to the Balearic Islands. We use rainwater, and installed a complex system for reusing greywaters. This system has a pool surrounded by acuatic plants that help to eliminate the organic material from the water.

Firstly, greywaters are filtered to eliminate grease and soap. This filter is made by a container with hummus and earthworms, and changed every 6 months. The organic material is used to make compost, and earthworms to feed chickens. Before taking the greywater for a second depuration, black and grey water is mixed. It goes through several tanks filled with different layers of stones, sand and acuatic plants that, thanks to its roots, eliminate organic material from the water.

Finally, the purified water ends in a tank where it is stored for watering the garden and orchards. Some species such as frogs, dragonfly and birds take profit of this process. In order to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, Gambusia fish was introduced in the ponds.

Environmental protection:

We are very aware on local environmental protection. Besides, we allocate part of our benefits to Non- profit Associations and Foundations that are involved in international cooperation. Our last contributions were sent to support projects in Madagascar, Colombia and Tanzania.


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