Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


This house of “indianos” was built in 1927 in the surroundings of Picos de Europa. It has been recently restored to be an eco- agrotourism accommodation establishment. It has 5 ensuite double bedrooms and an ensuite quatruple room.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

You can find information in all rooms about ecological farming and organic manufacturing activities. 80% of all the ingredients used in our meals are supplied by our farm. You can take part in the activities we organize at the farm, and visit our small factory.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

All our leisure activities take place in the area. We promote actions towards the preservation of traditional activities such as visits to the Interpretation Centre of Honey in Alles, the Cheese and Cider tour in Asiego, visits to local cheese factories, and traditional museums, walks along Royal paths such as the one from Panes to Hortiguero.

Natural Resources:

Solar pannels for heating water, low energy light bulbs, half flush toilet, selective rubbish bins, use of organic waste for feeding pigs, chickens and make compost.

Environmental protection:

There is information in all rooms about our home lifestyle, including actions related to raise awareness on the environment, local fauna and flora, banned activities in protected areas such as Picos de Europa, or activities allowed in Cares river. We organize activities such as birdwatching and exploration/ identification of plants. Binoculars and books are available for guests. We invite our customers to participate in planting native trees, and also offer courses on organic farming and elaboration of canned food. You will find information on ecological groups such as FAPAS, the Brown bear foundation, Quebrantahuesos foundation, and Ecologists in action. We promote new models of sustainable economy.


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