Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


A House from a tale, magic, at the heart of nature, hand made and rustic, surrounded by natural gardens and a meadow in a forest setting. It is nestled in the protected Aquilianos mountains that overlook the pleasant “berciana” plain with its highest peaks. The house was made of stone and fine wood, slate roof insulated with natural cork, radiators, forged iron fittings with copper gutters. Healthy House, restored by hand with organic products in a rustic style. Library, dvd, stereo, dishwasher. Sound Therapy: Massage voice and sound trips (concerts of monochord harmonic singing, Tibetan bowls, quartz bowls, gongs, tubular bells, castanets, rain stick, ocean drum …). Wifi, pets are allowed, bicycle and cots are available. Nearby rivers and ski slopes.


Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We are part of organic farming and fair trade association “La Olla del Bierzo” since its start.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We participate in all projects that involve the recuperation of our towns, and also two ecovillages: Matavenero-Poibueno and Retuerta. Beside, we take part in other regional projects as Tronceda and Carballeira in Galicia.

Natural Resources:

Bioconstruction house, energy-saving lights and LED, water saving measures in toilets, wooden fireplace, waste recycling and information on sustainability issues.

Environmental protection:

We are members of the Bierzo ecologist movement since its foundation with the groups Cigüeña, Genciana,Tyto Alba, A Morteira and Bierzo Clean Air platform. We are part of Trino network for ornithological observation. We have collaborated on multiple environmental education activities and activities for the defense of nature.


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