Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


“Casa Les Pedroses” lodgings are situated at the heart of Redes Natural Park in Campiellos, Sobrescobio. Redes Natural Park was declared LIC, ZEPA and Reserve of Biosphere in 2001 due to the richness of its forest and fauna, as well as its excellent conservational status. Les Pedroses House has 4 rural accommodation buildings, reception, social living room, private parking, centenary “hórreo” (granary on stone pillars), garden and a 3000 m2 of land with a vegetable garden. “Casa Les Pedroses” was inaugurated and registered at the Asturian Regional tourism authority in November 2006, and awarded with 3 keys. Our main aim is to satisfy our guests, and we are distinguished because we provide a personalized customer service.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We offer organic bread and biscuits, Vayú honey, Casín cheese and farm eggs. We cultivate vegetables and fruits. We organize guided visits to the organic bakery Madreselva de Ladines, workshops at Vayú Honey and liqueor, visits to Reciegos Cheese factory where our guests can learn about the elaboration of Casin cheese and try this delicious regional product.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Information and brochures about Torrexion of Villamorey (Villamorey Castle) Route. Explanations about the construction of “hórreos”, and visits to some of Campiellos villages are offered. Information is also available about the cultural heritage of the area: S. Andres church, San Antonio de Papua chapel, schools of San Gines group, Mills of Villamorey, Ponticu and Pontica in Soto de Agues, and washing places of Soto de Agues and Campiellos.

Natural Resources:

Energy savings- low consume light bulbs- heating systems with mixers for temperature- low consume heatings radiators and domotics for temperature. Compost in the garden and selective waste bins. Walking or horse riding excursions.

Environmental protection:

We collaborate with the Rural Department of Sobrescobio and Pola de Laviana, and also with the Park management body. Currently, we are participating in the elaboration of a proposal for the Park to be included in the European charter for Sustainable Tourism. We offer mountain rural activities to explain the local fauna and flora. Asturian mithology tours around Castañaru hills and water fountains in the council.


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