Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Old farmhouse rebuilt in 1995, with the philosophy to recover and value a family traditional farmhouse of Galicia. We pretend to create new uses for the house and the land; an alternative family live and work based on the respect for the environment. We have an organic kitchen garden, and elaborate homemade jams and tinned food.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We produce in our kitchen garden, according to the principles of organic farming, most of the vegetables we eat at the restaurant. We are registered with the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture in Galicia. Others products are cultivated by family members or neighbours in a traditional way. Milk is supplied in a returnable bottle, by organic farmers. The oil we consume is directly sent to us from a mill of Jaen, and is eco-friendly too.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Brochures on environmental good practices are available to our guests; we communicate all what we do at home.

Natural Resources:

We use low energy light bulbs where it is possible. In our guide of good environmental practices we offer recommendations about the use of energy and water, waste selection, and behaviour in the nature. We are installing showers that reduce water consumption.

Environmental protection:

We are partners of ADEGA (Association for Defence of Ecological Galicia). We never offer activities that are harmful to the environment as quads or hunting. We actively inform our guests about environmental issues, when they require it. We also promote conversations around environmental issues. Often, the curiosity of guests leads us to discuss these issues, as we have an organic kitchen garden and elaborate ecological preserves.


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