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Balzain Cortijo is situated close to the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. It is only 8 km away from Granada, 30 km from the ski slopes, and 45 km from the Tropical Coastal beaches. This farmhouse offers 9 independent rural houses that have capacity for 4/6 and 6/8 people, and the Cortijo main house which can accommodate up to 29 guests. Besides, it has a rural restaurant (mesón), a sea saltwater swimming pool, a small animal farm, a playground and a sports area. Almond trees are cultivated in the property, which is surrounded by mountains and lovely trails inviting our guests to stroll while they enjoy splendid views of the city of the Alhambra, and Sierra Nevada peaks. The XVII farmhouse “El Cortijo” was restored taking into consideration the rustic elements of its old structure. These ancient elements print character and singular beauty to Balzain Cortijo. Our cosy and confortable cottages will remind you a little rural town in the middle of nature, surrounded by snowy mountains and pine forests. The name of each cottage evoke previous uses of those buildings, such as the stable, the yard, the corral, the straw loft or the barn. Inside, there are wooden and stone elements from its original structure that retain all the rustic and authentic taste from its past. You will find a charming, peaceful, and quiet countryside atmosphere. Balzain Cortijo is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature! From the balconies of Balzain Cortijo, you can enjoy fantastic sunsets with a view of Granada city on the background, meanwhile you breath the evening peace and silence. At dusk, the lights of the city and all villages in the valley that are spread like a blanket at the foot of Sierra Nevada, will invite you to stay in an expectant silence. Balzain farmhouse offers peace and tranquility in the countryside. However, you will not miss the attractions offered by the city of Granada and its province, a diversity of landscapes and cultures that make up all the activities you would like to do for an unforgettable holiday: the mountain and the sea, sports and adventure, culture and gastronomy. Visit us, and surely you will come back!

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We have a organic vegetable patch in which we cultivate greens and vegetables in a traditional way. Our customers can enjoy home meals cooked with organic vegetables, freshly taken from the kitchen garden, and served by Cortijo farmers in our rural restaurant. We also offer eggs and chickens from our corral, home (sacrificed) dried meats, and honey from our hives. We also cultivate almond and walnut trees using ecological methods. Therefore, delicious dried and toasted almonds and walnuts are offered to our guests. Other fruits such as caquis and quince (we do quince jam) are cultivated in our land, and served during season at our rural restaurant.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Balzain Cortijo is an authentic andalusian farmhouse, and its first settlement dates back to the end of the XVII. A small museum was created where thresh, ploughs and other farm tools are displayed. These have been recovered during the rehabilitation process, and are kept with respect as a live memory from the laborious past in the Cortijo, and the effort of the people who worked so hard the land. It is remarkable that this project was awarded with the prize as the “Best initiative in Rural Tourism” by the Labour and Industry Department of Junta de Andalucia (Regional Government) and the RAAR (Network of Andalusian rural accommodation establishments) in 2000, because it is “an excellent example of restoring and recovering the architectonic heritage, and a clear bet for a quality agrotourism, a contribution to dinamization and diversification of the local economy. It has been planned under a sustainable criteria, to promote environmental conservation”.

Natural Resources:

Balzain Cortijo is situated less than 1 km. from the National and Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. The park is one of the richest natural areas of Spain due to its great biodiversity of endemic fauna and flora. It was declared a UNESCO Reserve of the Biosphere. In relation to our environmental policies, all our rural cottages are equipped with low energy light bulbs, and water efficiency systems. We reuse water and treat black sewage for watering gardens and orchards. A saline cloration system was installed to avoid the use of chemical chlorine in the swimming pool, consecuently our customers can enjoy a more pleasant bath. We use photoelectric cells and photovoltaic lamps to provide external lightening. We also have separated bins for different waste: organic, paper, glass and packaging. Currently, we are planning to install a biomass boiler and a solar energy system.

Environmental protection:

We are aware that we live in a natural area with a high environmental value, so we inform our guests that they should also be respectful and sensitive towards the environment. We offer information on walking trails, and activities such as observation of flora and fauna birdwatching, and guided visits to the Botanical Garden “La Cortijuela”. Information on natural resources in the National Park is also available to our guests. We are currently waiting to be accreditated as an “Information Tourims Point of Sierra Nevada National Park”


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