Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


A traditional farmhouse of 40 ha, with organic olive farming, and an orchard. It has been certified by CAAE (Andalusian committee of Ecological Agriculture) for more than 10 years. It offers four houses for rural tourism and a storehouse that is meant, in the nearby future, to be a living room for clients, library, TV o similar. The farm has an old mill and two pools, one is used for bathing during summer. It is situated in front of Sierra de Cabo de Gata, and 3 kms away from Cabo de Gata town.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

The hardest job has been to avoid conventional agriculture of monocultivation production that prevails in the region. Ten years ago, after being certified by CAAE, we cultivated Arbequina olive trees in a tradicional frame 7m x 7m, and lettuces and aromatic plants were cultivated between rows of those olive trees.
By now, we can not offer food to our guests, but we aim to do so, as well as to increase the number of activities (i.e.mineralology, flora, birdwatching) and walking trails in the Natural park of Cabo de Gata- Níjar, as we are situated on the slope. Improving the contact between travelers and agriculture activities is a task that we have already started.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We recovered all that was possible from the old farmhouse. The required modifications took into consideration the original building materials. Yet, the walls are whitened every summer using traditional lime. We have a solar installation system to warm the water that is supplied to all houses. Our clients use one of the two pools for bathing during summer, we succeeded in preserving its original structure, thus there is not a visible “swimming pool”. We minimise the use of chlorine by renovating the water of the pool on a daily basis. Water is filtered, and used for watering. Our last objective is to completely eliminate chlorine from the water. We are studying the possibility to use lime mortar, already in desuse in the region, in order to restore the mill. A historic structure that provided a name and life to the farmhouse, and it still supplies water. We always offer dialogues to neighbours and the local Council regarding environmental cleaning issues.

Natural Resources:

We have preserved local vegetation such as altus or “cañales”, refuge for great number of little animals, and would like to start planting native species, so that we can integrate our garden in the environment. We have installed a solar energy system for heating water and radiant underfloor heating.

Environmental protection:

We are partners of the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture, Association Friends of the Park, members of a platform to create awareness on the defense of environmental values in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata- Níjar. The owner of the farmhouse is the President of the Life Aquifers, and has a large trajectory defending the damaged water-bearings in the area.


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