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El Mirador de la Cigüeña (the stork viewpoint) is situated in Cabanillas del Monte, at the foot of Sierra (mountain range) of Guadarrama. It has been recently declared Natural Park. You can enjoy the rich legacy of transhumance by walking along the Cañada Real of Western Soria, or visiting Rancho-Esquileo, the best preserved shearing farm of Spain, and a Cultural Interest Site. The building was an old barn that was restored following the traditional aesthetics of the region with stone masonry walls, wooden beams, railings and balconies of forged steel. Inside, it was furnished with restored furniture. The combination of those traditional elements with modern facilities, make El Mirador de la Cigüeña the ideal place to enjoy few days off in the countryside. You can enjoy the views of Sierra de Guadarrama and Segovia from the rooms that face the garden. From the balcony of the main facade, you can see the Romanesque church of San Miguel, and the nearby stork nest. It is an upper quality establishment (Four swords), and offers personalized services able to make customers feel like at home. El Mirador de la Cigüeña has 9 beds distributed in 5 bedrooms (4 doubles and 1 single) with possibility of adding two extra beds to accommodate up to 11 people. It has 4 bathrooms, and one ensuite bedroom.  There is a cozy living room with fireplace where family and friends can enjoy their time together during winter. Also, there is a well care garden and a fully equipped porch with appropiate furniture so that you can enjoy the good weather outdoor. It has a gazebo with a barbecue for pleasant evenings. The ground floor is suitable for guests with physical dissabilities.


Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We have a list of all organic farmers in the province, and participate in the program ‘Tours and workshops to enjoy and taste organic farming’ organized by the Ecological Association of Segovia.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

In terms of architecture, the house is made of masonry from the restored barn. The structure of the house was built using wooden beams, antique forged iron railings and balconies, ancient Arabic tiles placed in a Segovian style, wooden carpentry, rustic wooden shutters, rustic wood and restored furniture according to the traditional style. We promote the Romanesque in the area, and offer tours which starting point is the town. Guided tours are offered to the shearing ranch “Cabanillas del Monte”, the best preserved farmhouse in Spain, and a building declared of Cultural Interest. We would like to emphasize the historical and cultural importance of transhumance in the Sierra (mountain range) of Guadarrama. From the town, there is a walking trail that connects with the Cañada Real Western Soria, situated at 2 km from the village. Study of the water culture in the Sierra of Guadarrama. Publications, lectures and projects related to the “caceras” (ditches) of Segovia province in medieval times, that are still in use for maintaining extensive ranching in the Sierra. We also sell local and organic products such as cosmetics.

Natural Resources:

We reuse organic waste and grass clippings to make compost. Part of the waste generated by our customers is also employed as fertilizer. Basic information on rational and responsible use of energy and water, and a dossier are available to guests. The following water and energy saving measures were implemented at the house: water saving devices that reduce consumption by 30%, dual flush in all our tanks, and bins in the bathrooms to prevent throwing stuff in the toilet that complicate the purification process. We also have a dishwasher and a washing machine that minimize water consumption. The field designed for grassland has been reduced to plant native species that are well adapted to our climate and terrain, requiring less water. In summer, a drip and micro sprinkler irrigation system is installed, it is activated at dusk and dawn to avoid water evaporation. In relation to energy savings, the house was built thinking on harness sunlight for reducing fuel consumption. It was isolated with very thick stone walls on the north side, and double glazed windows on the opposite side (south). All this, ensure that temperature is not wasted in winter, and the house stays cool during summer. As for lighting, most bulbs are low energy, saving up to 80% of energy. Kitchen electric appliances are certified as class A energy, which considerably help to save energy and water. We installed a power strip with a switch to prevent phantom consumption in some electrical appliances. There are thermostats in both levels, for independently regulating the temperature and turning on/off the heaters. Customers have the opportunity to separately dispose waste. Information is avaliable on intercity bus timetables to Segovia and other nearby towns. We use some eco-friendly cleaning products.

Environmental protection:

Guidebooks, brochures and environmental books are available about flora and fauna of Segovia, routes and responsible behavior towards the environment. We offer the following activities: – Environmental education and hiking. – Bird watching. We are an adhered member to TRINO project (Inland Rural Tourism and Ornithology). – Workshops / World Days / Seminars – Dissemination and publications. – Training in environmental issues. – Photography and Illustrations of Nature – Research and other environmental services. Collaboration with the Ecological Association of Segovia and Ecologists in Action.


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