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Welcome! El Sitio is situated in La Frontera town, in the north of the island. It is surrounded by wineyards, and offers amazing views to the mountains, sea and the region of El Golfo. Most of the wine produce in the island is made in this region, as well as pineaples, citrics, almonds, figs, mangoes, papayas, bananas and avocados. We offer to our guests a total of 7 small houses- appartments with a capacity for 2- 4 people that are situated in small plots stepped on the slope of a hill. We have one house adapted to people with dissabilities. There are many spots that will invite you to stop, and admire our mountains, the valley and the sea. El Sitio is an ideal place for small groups, single travelers, couples and people who would like to find forgotten feelings. The heart of El Sitio is the main restored house where there is a large living room (approx. 50 square meters). It can be used for exhibitions, yoga and tai chi courses, workshops and meetings. Just above, there is a pleasant wine cellar that can be a point for meeting, and where you can cook and eat in group. At El Hierro, you can forget all your obligations and have spare time for yourself, to walk, meditate, have peace and tranquility, a simple life, dance, be lonely or in good company.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

At El Hierro Island, we have been working towards sustainable development for many years. The Island was declared Reserve of Biosphere in 2000, and nearly 60% of its territory is protected. We produce organic pineaples and fresh goat cheese, and offer you a “quesadilla” (typical dessert from El Hierro) as a welcoming present. We inform our guests about selling points where they can buy products made in the island such as yogurts with organic sheep milk, cheeses, figs, “tunos”, apples, oranges, loquats, peaches, pears, plums, avocats, mangoes, papayas, grapes, fresh fish, ecological meat, honey…

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

The main house of El Sitio is 200 years old, and was restored and reformed respecting the traditional local architecture. Natural materials have been used in the construction and refurbishment of the houses. El Sitio promotes and assists all sorts of actions and initiatives to raise awareness on the value and richness of traditions and ethnographic heritage. El Hierro cultural heritage has been maintained almost intact up to our days. We provide support to local artists and crafters at El Sitio, as well as in other sites of the island. For instance, you can find volcanic stoned sculptures on the walls of the houses, which were done by a local artist.

Natural Resources:

In a small island like El Hierro, an adecuate natural resources management policy is not only a bet, but also a need. El Sitio promotes actions to save water and energy, so as to advices and encourages good practices among its customers. It is remarkable that this project started by the Regional council, and consisted in building a hydroelectric central power station to make the island a self- sustainable place. The objective is to achieve the first island able to produce the total electric energy that it consumes through renewable energies.

Environmental protection:

The owners of El Sitio are part of Bimbache openART/ Bimbache P.O.C.S. Association. A non- profit and N.G.O dedicated to sustainable, ecological, technological and socio- cultural development. We participate in the organization of the yearly festival BIMBACHE openART, a consolidated reference for artists, scientifics and representatives of traditions around the world. It is also a reference for people and students with mental or physical dissabilities, who meet for this festival supported by UNESCO in El Hierro. The main aim of this festival is to connect people and models for sustainable socio- cultural development around a globalized world, under intelligence growth parameters. It is also an open and participative platform that, every year, bets for sustainability, not only environmental but also social and human.


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