Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Rural camping has 18 spaces, and a “borda” (shepherds´hut) which has been restored as a bar. The bar offers a menu that includes a great variety of local products (meats and cold meats, honey, home- made beers..). It belongs to the Network of Slow Food establishments. Kanguro Truchero supports local initiatives of responsible hiking and fauna conservation initiatives, and collaborates with local tourism businesses and/ or activities (Sobrarbe Geopark, Bearded vulture Foundation,  Area 0 BTT). It is an associated member of the Refuges Network in Aragon, among others.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We get our supplies from a traditional local butchery that sells meats and cold meats from native breed animals, local producers of home made beers and liquors, honey, bread baked in a firewood oven; trouts from the local fish farm; and locally collected mushrooms. It is a Slow Food establishment.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Brochures and books about the natural and historic local heritage are available for guests. In our menu, we offer dishes dedicated to the traditions of the place, and native breed animals. We collaborate with several organizations which aim is to conserve and protect the environment. For instance, BTT area 0 has an association to preserve old pathways. It is an associate member of the Refuges Network in Aragon, and promotes local businesses specialized in mountain outdoor activities.

Natural Resources:

Motion sensors are used to provide external solar lightening. The internal lightening system was changed to provide more efficient illumination; tanker discharge economizers and mixer taps have been installed; the heater and cooker use wood that is in accordance with sustainable forest policies. Brochures and information about water saving and energy reduce measures, as well as information about public transportation are available. Installation of new water system. At the bar, a selection of waste disposal is done, however it is limited to the regional waste management system that does not provide separated waste bins. Organic waste is reused.

Environmental protection:

Information and interpretative boards, nature tour guides and enviromental awareness and sustainable leisure activities are offered to our guests in collaboration with local NGO´s and other organizations. There are feeders and nest boxes in the outdoor patio. We are planning to organize guided visits to bee producers, craft workshops with natural materials, and birdwatching scientific workshops.


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