Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


A completely renovated Asturian traditional countryhouse in an 1 hectare property. It has rural accommodation appartments for 2 and 4 people, and 4 ensuite bedrooms. There is a playground area and picnic tables. Farming land with native endangered species: Asturcon ponies, xaldas sheep, pintas chicken. Ecological production of lamb and natural cider. Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Asturcon Ecomuseum that offers exhibitions and activities related to asturian native livestock species. Pottery workshops, production and courses of asturian tradicional ceramic.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We ecologically raise native breed animals, and also produce home made jams and natural cider. We serve home- made and organic products such as bread, sponge cakes, jams, cold meats and natural cider for dinners and breakfasts. We offer organic products baskets that are distributed by another local producer, and we can also order in advance baskets for those who are interested in consuming those products during their stay, or to take home.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Our house was built following the traditional architecture style of the region. Its construction started in the XVII century as a farm workers house, and has been modified over centuries depending on the needs of the owners, and the development of the agricultural production in the area. We bought the property in 1986, and began a restoration process respecting as much as possible its traditional elements, as well as the work done by previous generations who lived in the house. We recovered the environment, maintaining and reconstructing the appearance and functions of an Asturian farmhouse in the region. We have recovered forms and colours of a XVII local craft ceramic (alfar de liñeru) to produce ceramic ware, and some home utilitarian items such as washbasins and sinks. The Asturcon Ecomuseum was opened in 1999 with the aim of disseminate knowledge about the Asturian pony, and other native breed livestock among local communities, asturian schools, and visitors to the area. It also pretends to consolidate breeding of native species which have been classified as endangered.

Natural Resources:

We have been implementing water saving and energy reducing measures for the past few years in order to improve the energetic system of the house. We recycle waste (glass, paper, plastic, and organic), and eliminate to maximum the use of individually packed products (i.e. breakfast and bathroom items). We have a solar thermic system to heat up water for the shower, and a photovoltatic system that produces clean electric energy. We promote the use of public transportation, offering free transfers to/ from the house from/ to the closest bus stop when arriving and departing.

Environmental protection:

We have planted native species in the garden (shrubs and trees), and act on our environment towards the preservation of a rural landscape along with a sustainable extensive breeding of native livestock (traditional pastures, riverbank forests). We promote hiking and biking activities, organized by us or specialized tour operators. Also, we offer activities related to the Asturian pony to provide awareness, environmental education and natural horse domestication skills. We are members of local and national Conservation associations.


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