Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


We are Alicia and Luismi, and along with our two kids (Ada and Noé), live at the end of a small very rural village of 20 inhabitants, in a quiet environment, surrounded by beeches and oaks, where the road ends. We take care of our animals (dogs, cats, trout, goats, chickens, donkeys, rabbits and ducks) and the organic garden. If you want, you can come and help us, or just join in some of our daily chores. We have 3 lodgings built in 1850. Mari-Cruz Cottage (rented by rooms): This is the main house where our family live. There are 3 bedrooms and a living room with a fireplace on the top floor. On the ground floor, there is a large dinning room with music, books and magazines. Under the stairs, there is a place full of toys. Materials used in rehabilitation are wood, stone and brick, and recovered old wood. Rural Cottage Marcos 1 (whole house for rent): It has a single bedroom, but is very large, and there is a tree where the little ones can sleep. Downstairs there are a large bathroom, and a dining room- kitchen with a fireplace. It has direct access to the farm garden, and is an ideal place to see goats and chickens, and the birds that live in the oak forest around us. Rural Cottage Marcos 2 (whole house for rent): It has two bedrooms. On the top floor, there is a living room with a fireplace and a bathroom, and both are very spacious. It has a balcony with stunning views, from where you can see meadows with cows and horses grazing, and raptors overflying. On the ground floor of Marcos home there are 3 common areas: The dining kitchen room, where we like to share the space with clients. A hollow tree that goblins painted with thousands of colours, where children enjoy playing (caution! it is owned by our children and they have to be asked for permission to enter). A library with information about the area, movies and music and a computer are available for those in need. The whole new house is heated by underfloor heating, and the energy used is provided 100% through a biomass system. During its construction, we have tried to get the most out the old house. We have largely recovered the old wood oak to make furniture. We place fireproof bricks in those areas where stone had to be removed.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

We try to serve daily menus that are made of firstly, the greatest number of products from our garden, and secondly, the highest number of local and organic products. It is remarkable the difficulty for obtaining these products from the vicinities.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We are in contact with people from the area who are interested in this topic, and report on our findings. We are working on an Association of rural houses in the area for rural development.

Natural Resources:

We inform about our excursions as much as possible, and encourage the intelligent use of resources. We do not collaborate with people who practice tourism activities that harm the environment, such as quads, and 4×4. We use many low- energy light bulbs, and try that our guests stay at home, and do a reasonable use of energy (avoiding waste). We are gradually lowering, as much as possible, the use of heating. 75% of the two buildings are heated by a biomass system (home and pellets). We would like to start using wind energy. In our village, there is not a recycling system, and just one container. We take glass to the next village when we go, and use organic waste to feed animals and elaborate compost. We are changing to drip irrigation in the kitchen garden.

Environmental protection:

I believe that our presence in this area, it has a negative effect on the environment, therefore we try to minimize the effects of our activities. When picking wild berries, we inform you how to do it in a good and responsible manner; and we do not collaborate or admit predators and hunters in the establishment. We are members of the Navarre birding club, learn from birds, offer information on birdwatching, and collaborate with the bird recovery centre in Ilundain.


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