Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Organic farmhouse built in 1706. It has two tourist apartments in addition to the owners´ house. In Naera, we advocate for a particular philosophy of life and rest, in harmony with our environment. We generate more than 50% of the energy we consume, from the sun and biomass. We also produce fruits and elaborate organic jams. We offer leisure activities such as: archery, martial arts, or tours around the farm. At Naera Haundi agrotourism, we keep alive the rural scent of nature that has not been lost yet. If you are looking for this kind of experience, come to visit us!

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

Our production is always organic, and has been ecological certified. We only sell our own production at the farm. However, we have a list of ecological producers in the Basque Country, and inform anyone interested, on how to get to them.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Our farmhouse was built with a press for making cider and it is part of the inventory of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. We offer information about it. We try to complement our agro- farming activity with a small agrotourism establishment, in order to achieve sustainable rural development.

Natural Resources:

Other parts of our work are renewable energies. We produce a great percentage of the energy that we need for our activities. The sun and the wood from our forests are used for producing heat and hot water. We advise our guests to use natural resources with moderation. We have planted over 1500 fruit trees.

Environmental protection:

We understand we always use natural resources in our work: cultivation of organic fruits, elaboration of jams, renewable energies, agrotourism activities… Therefore, we try to raise awareness on environmental conservation issues. Usually, our guests are interested on those topics and ask us for further information.


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