Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Posada del Valle Hotel is a Casona asturiana (Asturian traditional house) made of stone and wood, and built at the end of the XIX century. It has been restored with architectonic accuracy, and its decoration inspires a balance between modern and rustic styles. Nacho and Joann have created a comfortable and welcoming establishment which boasts a distintictive living room with a fireplace, a reading room, and balconies with panoramic views of Picos de Europa. The restaurant offers extensive views. Breakfasts include freshly home made breads complemented with craft products, and (pre- book) dinners are based on an imaginative gastronomy which emphazises the use of local organic products. The hotel is surrounded by 80,000 m2 of land over the south side of a small valley, closed to the Protected Landscape of Sueve. It is situated in Collia, 2,5 kms away from Arriondas. Environmental values are a central part of our philosophy, helping to create a friendly atmosphere, promoting the welfare and enjoyment of guests. In this sense, we also request our clients not to smoke inside the hotel.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

The property is an organic certified farm. It is managed to conserve the diversity of flora and fauna as well as regional traditional farming methods. Part of the land is used for traditional pastures and farmland, and sheperding is controlled in order to boost an extensive range of wildflowers. There is a small field covered with wildflowers, and a good diversity of flora nearby the hotel. The best time to enjoy nature is in spring and autumm, because grass is slashed at the end of June. The farm has a herd of sheep “xaldas”- an endangered native breed- to graze pastures, and it is a partner of “ACOXA” the association responsible for the preservation of this native breed. The sheep xalda is a native Asturian specie with a celtic origin. In the 80s, this breed was about to become extinct due to the introduction of new animals that were more appropiate for intensive farming. Xaldas are smaller and more rustic than regular sheep, and they are usually destinated to extensive grazing. Lambs from the farm are served at the restaurant, and sell to other food establishments that are specialized in “organic xaldo lamb”. Meat is tender but more consistent, it has less fat and a stronger taste. Three hectares of land have been cultivated with apple trees to produce natural cider. The production is not intensive, and a variety of apple trees seeds are carefully selected to be planted. Apples are harvest in autumm (when the hotel is closed), and are sold to make apple juice, which is afterwards serve at breakfast.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Regional and organic products are for sale at the hotel. Guests have the opportunity to taste many organic products during their stay, and we offer the posibility to take them home. Many of the products that are used at the hotel are not easily accesible for general public. Due to the increasing interest of our guests to acquire those products, we have decided to create channels of commercialization. We directly offer organic products and provide information on names, addresses and websites of distributors. We show our customers the variety of organic products in Asturias and north of Spain that we have for sale. All of them have been supplied by small productions of organic agriculture, or crafters from the area. We believe that all these products besides having a high quality, they are a good way to contribute to the benefit of the environment and rural communities.

Natural Resources:

Environmental policies. We aim to operate a tourism establishment that makes a continuous effort to reduce its environmental impact without compromising our guests confort. It is also a priority for us to contribute with positive impacts on the local community. Our local knowledge about the area, can help our customers to enjoy sustainable tourism and self- learning activities at its best.
The following actions are the most important of our environmental policy:
- Assist local rural communities, and particularly support those activities which have a positive impact on the environment.
- Use of local and organic/ ecological products when possible
- Create awareness on how to appreciate and respect the environment, particularly the rural areas of Asturias which offer great biodiversity and protected areas.
- Take measures to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel: electricity from a renewable supply; All our electricity is supplied by the Asturian company “Electra Norte”, which is the only company that provides electricity solely from renewable sources (wind, solar and hydro).
- Reduce hotel energy consumption: low energy light bulbs have been installed in some areas; boilers are regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance; temperature control devices have been installed in all rooms so guests can choose the temperature that suits them; signs to remind guests to make a responsible use of the energy.
Waste management: measures have been taken to reduce the use of non recyclable products (i.e. elimination of products that are individually packed), recycling systems for paper, cardboard, glass, and cans, we remind our guests to participate in this proccess. Compost with organic waste.
Water consumption: we try to reduce excessive water consumption using flow restrictors in showers and sinks. We have installed devices to control the use of water when you flush the toilet.
We avoid watering the garden during the hottest hours of the day. We train our employees about the importance of saving and reducing water (i.e. reporting and repairing leaks)
Eco- consumption: we try to use, when possible, products that do not have a negative impact on the environment, or eco- label certified products. We use returnable bottles, and try not to use disposable items.
Staff trainings: we train our employees on environmental issues such as appropriate dosage of detergents and cleaning products, efficient waste, energy and water management.

Environmental protection:

There are some 25,000 m2 of “unimproved” old pasture in the farm, which is self- managed by the diversity of flora and fauna. As an example of its diversity, it is remarkable that more than 46 species and 11 species of butterflies orchidias have been detected in the area. There is a walking trail where information about local biodiversity is displayed. More information about nature, including a list of species is available at the hotel.
There is a path around the property where information on existing biodiversity is displayed. Also, information about the nature of the farm is provided at the Hotel, that includes a list of species.


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