Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Former Rectory built in stone and wood. It was restored to maintain its character, introducing only minimal changes to make it more comfortable. We offer three double bedrooms. We develop farming livestock activities to offer quality organic food and a good cuisine (traditional and vegetarian). Food is served with our bread, our wine, and all our love.

Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

Products offered on the menu are mostly organic. All vegetables, fruit, walnuts, chestnuts, eggs, Celtic pork, wine and jams are produced at home. Honey and biological local beef (native breed caldelá) are also available. We provide information about these productions.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

Around the house there are local handicrafts for use and / or sale: basketry, weaving, pottery, jams, goat cheese, honey, arts. We use chestnuts in our cuisine, a rich local product that is part of the landscape. We have respected the use of chestnut wood during the restoration process. Mostly natural resources were used for insulation. Organic paints and varnishes.

Natural Resources:

Information, on measures to save energy and water, is displayed in all rooms. We offer you the possibility to choose if you would like your towels to be washed, as well as the chance to use a serviette, instead of a paper napkin. We have installed low consume light bulbs. Street lighting has a switch. A wooden stove is used part of the year. Magazines and brochures with environmental articles are available to our guests.

Environmental protection:

We inform in writing about good practices in rural areas. We provide or promote friendly activities (horseback riding, walk, bike, canoe, sustainable harvesting of mushrooms and wild plants), and collaborate with a cultural and local environmental association.


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