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The Capriolo Agrotourism is a unique proposal for rural tourism and agrotourism. It is situated near the Guadarrama National Park, in the Northern mountain rage of Madrid, and seeks a balance between the protection of the destination´s natural resources, and the enhancement of traditional rural activities through tourism. Our main attraction is a cattle farming of selected “charoles” livestock, raised on the open range, which is certified by the Spanish Charoles Cattle Breeders Association, and with whom, we offer activities and educational proposals suitable for all audiences.This is complemented by donkey tours, active participation of visitors in organic agriculture activities, and suggestions for tours and heritage interpretation activities about the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area.

We are located in Garganta of the Montes, on a steep, fluvial and life- rich environment. Its climate, typical of mountains, allows the participation in interesting walking or biking tours, in which you can see up close all the charms of the area.  Among our objectives, it is to enhace ancient tracks previously used by animals and goods, which today they are quiet places to walk, breath fresh air, do healthy outdoor exercise, learn and enjoy nature. It offers many possibilities for all difficulty levels and ages.

Further proposal for Rural Tourism Accommodation in Garganta de los Montes: It has a unique decor, recycled elements, educational boards and photographs, and also games designed for children. All together it will surprise you, even on the smallest details. You have the option of staying in a home that gives you everything you need for the most comfortable and enjoyable stay. The objective is to maximize the true agrotourism activities that Capriolo offers you.

About the destinations:

We know in depth the natural, sociocultural and ethnographic environment of Garganta de Los Montes and the Guadarrama NT, as well as its resources. We are natives from the region, which is an added value when planning activities and tours that are balanced between local values ​​and a profile of visitors interested in being fully integrated in this proposal of authentic rural life. We, the managers, are two Biology graduates, so are quite aware of environmental legislation, and we do not undertake any activity that harms the environment, as our work as biologists requires much care and protection.

Our intention is to offer guided tours explaining the most important and descriptive aspects of the diverse types of habitats in our environment, explaining and recognizing the ethnographic resources, as well as the most significant aspects of flora and fauna. Our proposals are designed for all ages, and at any time of the year. You will learn to track and identify traces of the most elusive wildlife, to know their customs, and to draw plaster casts of their footprints. You will also discover their behavior in freedom thanks to the photo/ videotricks technique. If we walk with caution during our tour, we can even spot deers, foxes, wild boars, rabbits, eagles, squirrels or vultures.

Support the Local Economy:

80% of all goods are locally purchased, promoting the local economy in all activities (food, transportation or guided tours). We are currently involved in several projects of local associationism and networking with other local companies that have some influence on the newly declared Guadarrama National Park.

Environmental Sustainability:

80% of livestock food is based on the use of high mountain pastures, and the remaining 20% comes from abroad in the form of feed or hay. This means almost the opposite of what is being done in conventional farms.

Our cows live on average between 15 and 16 years, giving birth to top quality calves without almost any diseases. We’ve even had cows that lived up to 20 years. However, many of the conventional cows only live 7 years and a half on average, and usually have 5 births. In our farm, we lose track on the number of deliveries we attend. This is mainly due to the type of feed used, very important for the growth and welfare of the animal, which in our farm we respect and care.

We develop and enhace organic farming at The Capriolo Agrotourism, respecting natural cycles and the seasonality of the production. For us, agrotourism and organic farming go hand in hand since they represent an alternative model for food and health issues that can be valued through tourism.

Active contribution to the Conservation:

At The Capriolo Agrotourism we enhace, through guided tours, our own cattle farming of selected charoles livestock, raised on the open range, that is certified by the Spanish Charoles Cattle Breeders Association, of which we are members. Due to seasonal changes, animals migrate within the municipality, going to the high mountain pastures in spring, to more coastal land in the winter.

Depending upon the season in which the tour is taken, it will be possible to see, observe and learn the different everyday farming practices: feed the animals, weaning or livestock sanitation, among others. If you are lucky, you will even attend a birth, a unique experience, and enjoy a closer than usual view of these beautiful animals. The tour offers first class facilities and specialized professionals. Today our farm consists of 50 head of cattle, including dairy cows and studs, with an annual output of about 40-45 calves of great value and genetic quality. Currently, they remain in a state of freedom or open range, on a territorial basis of 120 hectares (around 110 football fields).

Donkey Tour. Discover the walking routes of Valle del Lozoya accompanied by our donkeys Lola and Lolo, who are very good, endearing and will welcome you with an affectionate bray. Formerly used for farm work and field chores, we want to make a tribute, and retrieve these animals so overgrown and forgotten. A suitable relaxing activity for all ages, where you can enjoy peace and the environment in a different way. Our tours and walks with Lola and Lolo can be short or long, we offer several tours for your choice. They are ideal for the little ones, families and friends who love fun in nature.

Organic Farming. Get to know the different types of fruits, vegetables, legumes, fruit trees and other species grown in our garden, which is located in a very special place and with great ethnographic value within the population of Garganta de los Montes. We may organize educational activities of planting, watering or harvesting, among others.

Quality and Safety:

The company has liability insurance and keeps the relevant measures and safety protocols in all its proposals, tours and activities. It is commited to continuous work on improving the quality of the offer and activities. In the case of activities in contact with animals, The Capriolo Agrotourism is committed to treat them with dignity and respect, in accordance with the regulations of the Animal Protection Act, establishing an ethical behavior regarding their maintenance, and fostering an equally respectful attitude and behavior by visitors.


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