Certificado de alojamientos sostenibles


Son Lladó is a family farmhouse with several houses and rural apartments for tourist rental. We have an authentic Possesió of Majorca that dates back to the XVIII.  We offer an attractive range of tourism attractions and organize agro- farming activities in a privileged enclave of Majorca.



Sustainable agriculture/ farming:

Our main agro- farming activity is a sheep flock, and we have implemented a traditional system for shepherding, and breeding ecological lambs. The property has 23 ha of dryland farming. Products obtained from the land, are used for feeding our animals, allowing us to be self- sustained. Additionally, we cultivate an organic vegetable garden, reuse rainwater and store it for drip irrigation. We also recycle water through our biological purification system, for later use, in watering the garden.

Cultural Heritage and Rural Development:

We have paid special attention at the original characteristics of Son Lladó, when restoring the property, so it would not lose its identity as a “possesió” from the XVII. Thus, the main building is not for tourism purposes, and each room is preserved as their historical function. Some ancient items have been reused and recycled. For instance, sandstone blocks that were placed for cows and calves in the old stables, are now used as furniture and decorative elements in our houses. We also provide information about tourism activities, local parties and festivities, markets and other events related to the local popular culture that take place in our region.

Natural Resources:

We are investing to improve the sustainability of agro- tourism. We installed a biological purification system in 2009, to reuse greywaters for watering the garden, as well as to prevent soil contamination. We store rainwater to be used in the vegetable garden; installed solar pannels to assist heating and hot water, and placed economic wooden heaters in all houses and rural apartments. Furthermore, we promote that our guests recycle waste. We personally, pick up the plastic, glass and cardboard that had been previously separated, and directly place it at the recycling points in Campos. You can see further information on the Agrotourism Son Lladó website.

Environmental protection:

In our property, there is a mediterranean forest and diverse fields. We cultivate our land following the standards of a farm that is located in the south of Majorca with almost sub- saharian rainfall seasons. We organize walking, cycling and horse cart tours around our property, and provide free bikes to our guests. We provide information about the biodiversity and environmental richness of the area, and nearby routes such as the Natural Park of Es Trenc- Salobrar of Campos, which is situated less than 5 kms away. Please, check out our blog for futher information.


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